Breakthrough Digital is an innovative Chat Bot & Messenger Marketing Agency currently based in Scottsdale, AZ. In an age where traditional print advertising and retail stores are being ditched for digital marketing and online shopping, it can be tough to keep up. Even social media is starting to provide diminishing returns these days. That’s where we come in. We are here not just to help you keep up with your competition, but stay two steps ahead.  That’s why we focus on combining the most effective, cutting-edge tools and strategies with the industries that will benefit from them the most. This is how we maximize the VALUE that we can provide to our clients. That’s how we achieve our mission, which is: to provide a disproportionate amount of value compared to the rest of the marketplace.



We Use Cutting-Edge methods to leverage the incredible power of Chat Bots, Messenger Marketing, and Social Media in order to help Your business:
  • Bring In and convert New, Qualified Leads on autopilot
  • Automate parts of your business without removing the all-important human element
  • Increase Lead collection & conversion WITHOUT aNY New advertising
  • Stand out from your competition
  • stay in front of the biggest trends instead of playing catch up 
  • have an unfair advantage in your marketplace
  • easily pre-qualify every new lead
  • Create Repeat Customers and raving fans
  • substantially Increase Revenue


  • Using Traditional Marketing (TV, Print Advertising Simply Can’t Compete With The Results the newest Digital Marketing tools generate When It’s Done Right. Using Today’s Technologies We Will Get You results that will leave your competitors wondering “how the heck are they doing it?
  • At Breakthrough Digital You Aren’t Just A Number On A List. we keep our client list small and exclusive, so You’re always A top Priority. We Listen To You. The Personal Connection And Customer Service We Are Able To Offer Just Can’t Be Matched By A larger Agency.
  •  There is simply nobody else around providing the same combination of innovation, value, customization, and customer service